Working with Morrows Logistics

Morrows Logistics is a family-owned and run company. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and quality service, as one of the most highly respected logistics companies in Melbourne. You will not have to deal with the complicated hierarchy of managers and directors you may have come across in larger organisations. At Morrows, you can easily speak directly with our decision makers, who can help you with a custom solution to your logistics needs.

Our Mission

Let’s build something we can be proud of and enjoy the journey together.

Our Vision

To live and breathe our business to best partner our customers and deliver shared value.

Our Values


Lead with professionalism,
be accountable for our actions and drive innovation.

Safety and Environment

Achieve best practice,
be responsible,
be renewable and promote a sense of well-being throughout the Morrows team.


Be honest, demonstrate trust towards others and display loyalty towards the business.


Act with a sense of family values, respect each other, solve problems together and have fun.

No task is so important as to compromise health and safety. Appropriate consideration must be given to determining a safe and healthy work method for each and every activity.