Fleet Solutions

Morrows Logistics has an advanced, modern fleet of company-owned trucks of various configurations, including truck transport and flatbed truck transport, with more on the way!

The truck and trailer combinations for our trucking business have been built with our customers in mind. The fleet has been specifically chosen for advanced safety and environmental features, including ABS braking, traction control, opti-cruise auto transmissions, and the latest Euro engines. All vehicles utilise air bag suspension ensuring a smooth ride with minimal movement of your freight.

Many of our vehicles for freight services have adjustable mezzanine floors which permit top loading without damaging freight below, and provide a multitude of internal configurations to accommodate the various freight we carry. Hydraulic tailgates coupled with the use of electric pallet trolleys ensure quick and safe unloading of freight.

The newest trucks and trailers in our fleet have been designed with vents and “sub-floors”, designed to capture any liquid spills. All trucks carry spill containment equipment and PPE.

We have a wide range of segregation devices and truck and trailer combinations available for increasing delivery efficiency and segregating classes as part of our dangerous good transport and hazardous goods transport.

All Morrows trucks and trailers are fitted with Emergency Information Panels (EIPs) when carrying bulk dangerous goods.

Your staff and customers are guaranteed regular contact with the same drivers, who will readily comply with your customers’ requirements.

Find out more about our dangerous goods warehousing capabilities by contacting one of our team.

Bulk Dangerous Goods (DG)

Morrows Logistics has specialised in the transportation of Dangerous Goods (DG) for 37 years.

Our specialist fleet is DG licensed and operated by professional DG licensed drivers, providing a risk-free logistics service to you and your customers.

We use segregation devices and specialised truck and trailer combinations so that all dangerous goods classes are delivered together. We also provide pump-outs and product transfers of DG and non-DG products. As a specialist in the area of dangerous goods transport and hazardous goods transport, rest assured we can assist with any requirements you may have.

Pump Outs

Morrows offers a chemical transfer service. Our specialist drivers are trained in the safe transfer of chemicals on-site.

We can “pump-out” chemicals into on-site tanks from 205 litre drums, or 1000 litre IBCs. Some of our existing pump-out sites include laundries, hospitals and food processing plants.

Transferring chemicals on-site is obviously a very dangerous operation, but as one of the most respected Logistics companies in Melbourne, we are very proud of our safety record. As well as DG licences from WorkSafe, our operators receive extensive training and must follow site specific operating procedures.

Contract Distribution

Morrows Logistics’ team has many years’ experience in both transport and warehousing. Our key personnel include members from other industries across the corporate sector and bring a diverse range of skills and knowledge to our trucking business.

We are focussed on our customers’ individual needs and providing the most cost effective logistic solutions. We understand customer requirements are constantly evolving and Morrows is proactive in anticipating and integrating these changes into our business.

With the support of our dedicated personnel, our ultimate goal is to be In Partnership Together.


  • Order fulfilment
  • Distribution of orders
  • Product warehousing in secure facilities
  • Inventory control, including stocktaking and recording
  • Flexibility of unloading containers at our depot
  • Hard stand for side loader container drops
  • End loading docks for live unloads
  • Ability to integrate from files to full EDI integration
  • Customised KPI reporting to suit client needs
  • Integration between customer needs and Morrows Management Systems
  • Fully transparent and secure client web portal to view inventory and transactions
  • Value added transport services, including dedicated fleet and specialised transport
  • Client web portal allows for complete track and trace alongside POD retrieval

Get in touch and you will see the benefits of partnering together!

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