Management System

Morrows Logistics utilises a fully integrated management system designed for Australian road freight transport and logistics businesses. The system’s vast range of modules cover all aspects of the logistics industry from Transport & Warehouse Management, Finance, Fleet Management, Occupational Health & Safety, Pallet Control & Payroll. Total integration means that whenever data is entered or captured into the system, it is immediately updated and shared with other parts of the system.

Inventory Systems: EDI

Morrows Warehouse Management module offers state-of-the-art item level inventory control, and provides a complete end to end solution from goods receipt throughout storage, picking, packing, despatch and transport. The online portal provides customers with a real-time view of stock holdings in complete detail, as well as all stock movements and billing data.

Online Portal

Morrows online portal provides customers with a fully integrated self-service system. From booking transport deliveries, POD retrieval, viewing invoices & statements or stock on hand enquires for warehousing facilities. It can all be done online!

GPS/In-Vehicle Technology

Morrows Logistics vehicles are fitted with touch screens coupled with purpose-built software providing drivers with navigation maps and voice/data communication, essential for regional transport services. This gives us access to global positioning data which pinpoints vehicle locations. When querying a delivery, our team can provide you with a map of the delivery location, time at location, delivery details and the signature of the receiver.

Functionality Includes:

  • Driver logon to monitor fatigue management
  • Text messaging to truck from our base
  • Hands-free voice communication
  • In-truck satellite mapping navigation
  • Integrated fleet maintenance systems and job dispatch
  • G-Force sensors which monitor acceleration, braking and cornering
  • Pre-trip questionnaire to assist with safety declarations and vehicle checks

Fatigue Management

Fatigue Management and speed are monitored in real time, with drivers receiving audible alerts if they exceed the speed limit, or are approaching/exceeding a period of scheduled rest. Back to base alerts also ensure our Logistics Team can monitor driver behaviour and ensure compliance at all times during freight services.

Document Library

Document libraries are also available to enable drivers to access a range of vital information on their touch screen. From Standard Operating Procedures, specific site information or our company policies and procedures, a raft of information is available to our drivers with the touch of a button.

Touch Screens

Utilising touch screens, drivers are able to capture signatures of receivers enabling real time sign on glass proof of deliveries (PODs). These PODs are available to view online immediately, and can be automatically forwarded to a customer in real time, ensuring you are kept up to date on the status of your delivery.

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