Caught in the Headlights - Robyn Morrow, General Manager

The Heartbeat of Morrows Logistics: Meet, Robyn Morrow

Meet Robyn Morrow, the driving force behind Morrows Logistics and a beacon of positive change in the industry. With over two decades of sales and marketing experience, Robyn’s journey from a Sales Account Director role to the General Manager of Morrows is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for growth.

The tipping point

In 2015, Robyn joined Morrows, leaving behind a 20-year career prompted by an unsupportive corporate company culture. There was little support in situations such as having to leave the office to pick up a sick child. There was no understanding of employees having a life outside of the workplace. And building relationships with clients had been taken over by dealing with procurement departments.

Robyn decided this was no longer for her, and decided to join her husband, David, at Morrows. “I became involved in managing the day-to-day business. Much of my previously acquired skills in improving systems and processes, writing policies, and managing teams kicked in at Morrows,” says Robyn.

Working alongside David, Robyn acknowledges there’s been the occasional clash of opinions but highlights the evolving strength of their partnership over the eight years. “It can be fireworks,” she says “But that’s what happens when you get two passionate people working together.”

Robyn leads the way

With Robyn on board, Morrows underwent a transformative period, focusing on customer service excellence and fostering a supportive team culture. Robyn affirms, “Having always worked for larger companies, where you were just a number—I knew when we started building Morrows, we weren’t going to have a culture like that.”

“Transport is fast-paced, and my role is ensuring things are on track. “We’re big on feedback, so when new people come in and have any ideas to make the job easier, I encourage them to come in and talk with us. Because we believe it’s up to us to steer the ship and help everyone to get what they need to become successful.”

Today at Morrows, family comes first in ethos and practice. Robyn and David prioritise their team’s well-being, offering support through personal challenges or family matters. Robyn adds, “We don’t expect anything from our team that we wouldn’t do ourselves. We both really care about our team and being a humanistic family business.”

Morrows success is not just measured in numbers; it’s a testament to the remarkable team they’ve built. "We have a great team of people who are very loyal and stay with us for a long time.”

The highlight reel

According to Robyn, the pinnacle of Morrows success is the remarkable growth they’ve achieved in the last four years, post-Covid.

Despite the challenges, they embraced a growth strategy, and the results speak for themselves. Robyn acknowledges, “We worked hard to get the business to where it is today. And it’s the people around us who have helped us succeed.”

Robyn’s warmth, openness, and commitment to fostering a tight-knit company culture sets the stage for Morrows’ exceptional customer service. It’s the company’s attitude that contributes to the solid industry reputation they have.