Caught in the Headlights - Mark Yates, Work Health & Safety Manager

Creating a Safer Tomorrow: Mark Yates Inspires Positive Change at Morrows!

In a bustling corner of Morrows, there's a man who radiates determination and passion - Mark Yates, Work Health & Safety Manager. With only four months under his belt at the company, he exudes confidence from years of experience in the logistics and supply chain industry. Curious about the spark that led him to his current role, I sat down with Mark to learn more about his journey and what makes him a standout in the field.

Mark's career began over a decade ago when he decided to dive headfirst into logistics. "I wanted to be a part of this era of growth and innovation, and I craved a challenge that would push my boundaries," Mark said.

His passion for Work Health & Safety was palpable as he shared his role's intricacies at Morrows.

"To sell occupational health and safety to a group of people in a manner that's not conventional but genuine and consultative - that's my mantra," Mark said.

He firmly believes that the key to effective management is genuine engagement and a down-to-earth approach. By listening to the grassroots, such as drivers, depot staff, and freight handlers, he aims to create processes that address their concerns and cultivate positivity across the organisation.

Mark's diverse background also speaks volumes about his expertise. Starting with a degree in logistics supply chain from RMIT University, he honed his organisational skills at Kmart for over a decade. From there, he landed a job at TOLL, working at Melbourne Airport, where he managed a significant transformation project. Later, he navigated the challenges of bringing operations in-house for a household furniture company, managing many supply chain functions, showcasing his ability to adapt, evolve, create and lead high performing teams.

Mark's face lit up when asked about his freetime, and he proudly shared that he is a devoted father to three kids under three years old. A self-proclaimed football fanatic, Mark's allegiance lies with Collingwood, though it sometimes tests his heart.

His love for travel shines through, and he reminisces about his pre-COVID adventures that enriched his life. But Mark's excitement is ever-present when discussing his current role at Morrows, where he feels he has found a perfect blend of his expertise and passion.

"I didn't plan it, but it feels like all my experiences have led me here, culminating in this fantastic opportunity at Morrows," Mark said. And that's precisely what makes him so compelling - his journey, dedication to genuine engagement, and unwavering commitment to health and safety.

With his down-to-earth approach and genuine passion for his work, he's undoubtedly someone to watch as he steers the company towards an even brighter future.