Caught in the Headlights - Peter Gill, Group Operations Manager

Meet Peter Gill, the powerhouse driving the Morrows team to success with his dynamic approach to business management.

As Group Operations Manager, he doesn't just oversee day-to-day operations; he's a key player in shaping the company's future. With his keen eye for detail, he strategically plans and coordinates schedules, budgets, and resources, ensuring everything runs like clockwork.

His in-depth understanding of Supply Chain and Inventory Management means he's always going above and beyond to ensure the company stays ahead of the curve. He's also dedicated to maximising employee performance, pushing the Morrows team to reach their full potential and achieve the organisation's goals.

With over 40 years of industry expertise, he's not just knowledgeable; he's also a genuine people person, building strong relationships with suppliers and customers through his personable nature and solutions-focused work ethic. For Peter, keeping the customer at the forefront is key to the company's success.

"Customer satisfaction is the focus of our business," Peter says. "Ensuring their needs are met and that we're exceeding their expectations is what drives me every day."

And that drive has paid off. Over the past six years, Peter's unwavering commitment to Morrows' goals and the unparalleled capabilities of the Morrows' team has helped the company soar to new heights, tripling in size.

"Watching the business grow and become more profitable is the ultimate reward," says Peter. "Expanding our offerings to serve new and loyal customers is incredibly fulfilling."

Outside of the business, Peter is passionate about Golf and his family.

"I have two daughters—one is a Psychologist and another a Nurse—they're both doing really well in their careers, and I'm very proud of them," said Peter. "I also have a son, a rising Australian Singer-Songwriter after winning The Voice in May 2022. That was an interesting experience for our family, and it's always a great conversation starter," said Peter.