From Chance Encounter to Legal Adventure: Unveiling Colin Rimington’s Latest Book

Morrows are proud to share the latest literary achievement of our esteemed team member, Colin Rimington.

The History of the Criminal Justice System in Victoria is a captivating exploration of Victoria's legal framework.

The book all began with a somewhat serendipitous encounter between Colin and Mr David Thomson OAM, the Education Officer for the Victorian Law Foundation, on the steps of the Law Institute Building in Melbourne in 2004.

While discussing the research for his Masters Degree in Justice and Criminology, Colin recalls Mr Thomson astutely saying, 'Colin, I think there is a book in this.'"

With the seed of inspiration planted, Colin nurtured the idea while completing his studies. Today, he has transformed that initial conversation into a literary accomplishment.

Written predominantly for various law and justice community segments, the book is also invaluable for university and secondary school legal students. It also caters to tourists exploring Melbourne's Historic Justice Precinct and professionals in the legal field.

Colin's ultimate goal is to educate younger generations, particularly students, about the imperfections of the justice system. While he acknowledges that Victoria's legal system "is better than many worldwide", he firmly believes "there's always room for improvement.”

While The History of the Criminal Justice System in Victoria is Colin's most extensive work to date, it joins an impressive lineup of previous publications:

  • The 60-year journey of 3M Australia Company.
  • A fundraising book for his retiring family doctor dedicated to brain cancer research.
  • The history of the Boy Scout Rover Crew in various contexts, including the Old Castlemaine and Pentridge reformatory prisons during World War II.

Colin is generously donating all funds raised from the sales of this book directly to Police Legacy Foundation to care for the welfare of families of police members who have died as a result of their service, or in the course of their duties as a police officer.

To purchase your copy, visit: Victoria Police at and click on ‘Shop’. The cost is $40.00 plus postage.