Morrows Logistics Defuses Supply Chain Crisis

Morrows Logistics Defuses Supply Chain Crisis

Recently, Morrows Logistics was engaged to assist another 3PL company experiencing supply chain bottlenecks by taking on the storage of critical medical supplies—also classed as dangerous goods.

Mark Yates, Work Health and Safety Manager said, "When the company reached out to facilitate and redirect the storage of these dangerous goods, Morrows stepped in to assist without hesitation."

Morrows assisted in storing 14 gas cylinders, equal to 10,500 kilograms of Class 2.3 Toxic Gas, Ethylene Oxide. These goods are now safely stored in Morrows' segregation rooms.

Ethylene Oxide is used in hospitals and the medical equipment industry as a steam replacement for sterilising heat-sensitive tools and equipment, including disposable plastic syringes.

“It’s a highly flammable and explosive gas, so effective storage is vital,” said Mark. “With Morrows' ability to keep the supply chain moving, it meant hospitals in Victoria and New South Wales wouldn't experience a shortage—and could maintain regular operation of support services.”

Morrows' capacity to assist meant a smooth transition and no additional interruptions to supply chain operations.

"We're proud to be able to step in and assist our customers when opportunities present. It demonstrates our commitment and dedication to going above and beyond for our clients and helping them navigate through difficulties," said Mark.