From Hazard to Safe Haven: Noble Park's Cutting-Edge Dangerous Goods Storage Facility

Not many dangerous goods facilities are built to such a high standard, so it gives Morrows an advantage for delivering a premium service.”—Steven Lewis, Logistics Manager.

Safety is our top priority at Morrows’ Dangerous Goods Facility in Noble Park. Conveniently located just 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD, with easy access to major roads and highways, our facility ensures fast pickup and delivery timeframes.

With 9,000 square meters of warehousing space and seven segregation rooms, we’re meticulous about separating various classes of chemicals to ensure maximum safety. With dedicated fire suppression systems and segregation bunkers, we have the resources to handle large volumes of dangerous goods with ease.

"Our facility leaves no room for compromise," said Steven Lewis, Logistics Manager at Noble Park. "From foam sprinklers, smoke and thermal detectors to mechanical ventilation systems and ceiling hatches—we have multiple systems in place to contain and protect against any potential hazards."

The safety measures extend to all electrics, which are spark-proofed, sheathed, and the lights are encased in plastic preventing fumes from igniting.

Warehouse design and presentation are integral to the facility, and it's a regular occurrence that prospective clients comment on the exceptional warehouse cleanliness.

"They're always impressed with the high-standard building design, including the segregation rooms and general warehouse area. We make it a priority to keep things tidy and safe," said Steven.

With leading safety features, a strategic location, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Morrows stands out as a reliable contender for dangerous goods storage solutions.

To visit or secure your goods at Noble Park, please call our Group Logistics Manager, Peter Gill, on 03 9767 2600.