Sharpening Safety IQ: Morrows Safety Training

Sharpening Safety IQ:Morrows Safety Training

At Morrows Logistics, ensuring the safety and well-being of our workforce is paramount. This commitment is reflected in our comprehensive safety training programs and offerings.

Here are three essential safety trainings our employee's experience.

One: Targeted Emergency Response Training

Targeted Emergency Response Training provides education and training on how to tackle a spill and what steps to follow in the event of a spill.

"As a dangerous goods company, we've got trucks, major hazard facilities, and handle many types of goods—so should there ever be a time when there is a spill, our staff are trained on how to manage the situations," said Mark Yates, Morrows Work Health and Safety Manager.

"Everyone is educated on who to call, how to isolate any spillages and what PPE they need to wear," said Mark. "Because if you're dealing with a corrosive acid, you can't treat it like water."

Two: Targeted Chemical Goods Onboarding

Prior to joining the workplace, a Morrows staff member undergoes onboarding with Mark, collaborates with a senior employee, and receives comprehensive education and training.

"Morrows are specialists in chemicals. If we're bringing in team members who've never handled chemicals before, they need to be trained on proper handling procedures," said Mark.

As an induction, staff receive a one-page document to read before attending a one-on-one Chemical Goods Onboarding session with Mark.

"We look at what we're dealing with and what resources are available to employees when dealing with these chemicals," said Mark.

"For example, if there's a puddle of 'something' on the ground, and you're working in a dangerous goods facility—do you assume it's water? Do you put your finger or boot in it or report it and isolate it properly? These are the types of scenario-based training questions I'll ask each team member," said Mark.

This training ensures they are well-prepared to step onto the site, effectively fulfilling their role while prioritising safety for themselves and others

Three: Company-Wide Safety Shares

Safety Shares are about sharing the story of safety throughout the company. These weekly toolbox shares involve everyone and serve as genuine and frequent touchpoints.

"When people hear safety stories from their workmates, it becomes more real. Some people may not know me well, and while it's important and there's a message to leave—sometimes, it's more impactful hearing it from the people they work with," said Mark.

These toolbox sessions discuss safety situations and events (past or recent) and involve everyone in the conversation.

"We want to improve the relationship with safety across the company. And I think the only way we can do that is to 'Safety Share' and create alignment between teams. It's why we conduct them every week within teams," said Mark.

These consultations contribute to better relationships with safety at both the individual, team and company levels. It means the whole site can continuously improve.

At Morrows, we firmly believe that a well-trained and secure team is the cornerstone of operational excellence in the dynamic field of logistics.

Thanks to the unwavering dedication to the safety and professional growth of the Morrows workforce, we are improving the safety of everyone who works with us.