The Morrows Legacy: Passion, Ambition, and Family Values

The Morrows Legacy: Passion, Ambition, and Family Values

Few business stories are as heartwarming as that of Morrows Logistics. The company was established in 1983 by David Morrow's father, initially as a chemical manufacturer with a warehouse. After his father passed when he was just 17 years old, he took over the business and grew it into the recognised enterprise it is today.

And now, the next generation, David and Robyn's sons, Callan and Liam, are becoming involved, hoping to one day steer the company to even greater heights.

When asked about the opportunity to join the Morrows team, Callan said, "I love work. I love coming to work. I'm excited to be involved and grow in the business. And hopefully, when Mum and Dad retire, I'll take over."

His sentiment for the company is warm, especially since he and his brother have been coming to the Morrows office since they were young boys. They'd help with sweeping, cleaning, and immersing themselves in daily activities beside their parents.

Callan and his brother, Liam, have different roles within the company. Callan works within the Logistics area, and he's wearing a different hat each day. He has quickly become the "super floater", filling in most roles within the business.

"I don't like sitting at a desk all the time. What I love about my role is having variation. I'm in the office one day, and the next, I'll be out on the floor jumping on a forklift, loading, strapping and checking freight. I'm proud of my forklift and scissor lift skills," said Callan.

On the other hand, Liam is an apprentice Diesel Mechanic in the company workshop. His journey has been a testament to his dedication and ambition. He says, "I've been working here for most of my life since I was a kid. It means a lot to have the chance to be part of the company now."

What makes Morrows Logistics truly special is its family-oriented culture. Callan aptly says, "It's not a mainstream company; it's a family company, and everyone is loved. It's the care factor that makes this workplace special."

The culture not only keeps the brothers engaged but also motivates them to carry on the legacy of their parents. Their hardworking nature and commitment to their work shine through as they collectively aspire to grow within their roles.

With their strong work ethic, passion for the business, and a supportive team behind them, Callan and Liam will undoubtedly continue the Morrows legacy with pride.