We’re Gearing Up for Tomorrow: Morrows Fleet Upgrade

We’re Gearing Up for Tomorrow: Morrows Fleet Upgrade

Morrows Logistics recognises the importance of staying ahead in the rapidly evolving logistics industry, where fleet safety and lower operating costs are critical to their long-term success; they plan to be here for the long term.

In a strategic move to enhance efficiency, safety and sustainability, Morrows Logistics is expanding its fleet with eight additional state-of-the-art trucks in the coming months.

The Scania R 540 has a 13-litre six-cylinder engine and weighs 300kg less than their V8 counterparts. They boast Scania’s XPI fuel injection—a modern ball-bearing fixed-geometry turbocharger, and innovative updates for reduced friction and increased compression. Other features include smart navigation systems and real-time monitoring capabilities.

Investing in these trucks aligns with the company’s commitment to improving our environmental impact, safety and cost-effectiveness. The modern fleet will reduce carbon emissions, optimise route planning, and provide enhanced driver comfort whilst minimising operational costs, ultimately improving client services.

They have incorporated several unique safety features in the new truck design, including a spill protection system where any chemical spills are held in the truck body’s sub-floor reservoir, ensuring the product does not go to ground; they have also incorporated a number of DG segregation options ensuring the total consignment of mixed DG’s are delivered safely and compliantly at the same time.

As they gear up to integrate these eight trucks into their operations, Morrows Logistics is poised to set new standards in the industry, demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to the challenges of tomorrow.